Our Mission

We continue to support the development of POLIN Museum and its world class program through its founder, the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, which remains our strategic partner in Poland.

We support initiatives that preserve and promote legacy of Polish Jews, and help to build bridges through time, space, and amongst people.

Latest News

Order of the Lion of Finland for Marian Turski

On 5th of June 2018 Marian Turski, the Vice-president of the Association of the JHI, was awarded the Order of the Lion of Finland. Official ceremony was hosted in the residence of the Ambassador of Finland Hanna Lehtinen. Congratulation! The Order of the Lion of [...]

The 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on 19th April 2018 was filled with many memorable moments. The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland supported the commemorations, as it does every year. The social media presence of POLIN Museum during the commemoration [...]

A Stranger in Poland Marian Turski, the 91-year-old Polish Auschwitz survivor, on the new anti-Semitism, the moral force of lived experience, and the lingering power of humiliation -By Armin Rosen-

Marian Turski is one of the few people left whose life encompasses close to the entire breadth of Jewish-Polish history in the 20th and 21st centuries. Born in Lodz in 1926, the journalist, scholar, Holocaust survivor, and founder of the Museum of the History of [...]

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